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Privacy and copyright protection

Privacy and copyright protection
Protecting user privacy is one of our basic policies. We guarantee that we are not open to the public or provide third parties with the registration information of individual users and the non-public content of the user when using the advertising system, except in the following cases: ; In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments; to safeguard the interests of the public; to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of fast cloud technology; prior access to the user's clear authorization. Without disclosing the privacy of individual users, Fast Cloud has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the database.
Any text, images, graphics, materials, etc. contained in our services are protected by property laws. Without the consent of the right holder, none of the above information shall be transmitted directly or indirectly in any media, rewritten or reissued for communication purposes, or used for any other commercial purpose. Any part of all such information or materials may be kept in a computer only for private and non-commercial purposes.
Using our services does not allow you to own any of our services or any intellectual property rights that you visit. You may not use any of the Services unless you have permission from the Content Owner or otherwise obtained legal permission. This provision does not grant you the right to use any of the trademarks or logos used in our services. Do not delete, hide, or alter any legal statements that appear on our services or appear with the service.

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