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Terms of Service

Sino interactive advertising network platform (hereinafter referred to as Adexpress), spin-off SSP platform ownership and management rights owned by Sino interactive. In order to obtain the relevant services provided by the Sino interactive, the service user (hereinafter referred to as "the user", the user including the advertiser, the developer) shall agree to the full terms of this Agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete the registration procedure. After the user submits the detailed information and prompts it, Adexpress platform will issue a confirmation email. After the user has activated the link provided in the confirmation email and becomes the partner of Adexpress, the user will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this agreement, And can enjoy the services provided by Adexpress, all operations, including a variety of instructions can be obtained in the Adexpress website. Service Content The service content of the SSP platform is provided by Sino interactive. to the users of the platform according to the actual situation.

Sino interactive. reserves the right to change the service. User statement and warranty

1. The user guarantees the legal qualification to engage in cooperation under this agreement, the operation and operation of the user website strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, the publicity and publicity and related business activities are legal.

2. Users must fill in the user information, provide real, accurate and complete user information and business website information. The Adexpress platform has the right to review the foregoing, but the review does not imply any joint liability for its authenticity;

3. Users must keep and update their user information and website information to ensure that they are true, accurate, timely and complete.

4. If the user changes, including but not limited to the following: mobile application content, remittance information and contact information, should promptly notify Adexpress. Otherwise, the resulting adverse consequences, by the user to take responsibility.

5. Each user has an account and the corresponding password, the account and password by the user responsible for the custody of the user should be on the account of any conduct and legal consequences bear all the legal responsibility.

6. The User undertakes to assume any adverse effect on the Adexpress Platform for any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement or other documents to be complied with in this Agreement, or if the User has violated the law or infringes upon any third party's rights, User recovery. Users must follow the following guidelines when using the services provided by the platform:

1. The user may not serve or submit to the platform an application and information that includes the following: In violation of the basic principles laid down in the national constitution;

• endanger national security, divulge state secrets, subvert state power, and undermine national unity;

• damage to national honor and interest;

• incite national hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermine national unity;

• the destruction of national religious policies, the promotion of cults and feudal superstition;

• spread rumors, disrupt social order and undermine social stability;

• spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigation of crime; Insult or slander others against others' legitimate rights and interests;

• infringement of intellectual property rights of others, including but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights; A violation of the trade secrets of others;

• contain any other content prohibited by laws or administrative regulations;

2. Users shall not use any improper means to harm the interests and reputation of other users or platforms of the Adexpress platform, and shall not abuse the system account, nor maliciously disrupt the order of operation of the system, prohibit the use of equipment, procedures and other illegal means to increase income or cheating, Once discovered, Adexpress platform has the right to block the account and the user does not give a settlement.

3. If the user violates one or more of the above provisions, the platform reserves the right to cancel the cooperation at any time and stop the settlement, resulting in other losses of the Adexpress platform, the user should be fully compensated. Adexpress obligations

• To ensure the normal operation of its own system, responsible for the background development, maintenance and platform-related product design and maintenance.

• Ensure that the advertising services provided by the Adexpress platform comply with the applicable laws and do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties;

• Adexpress will change the terms of this Service Agreement unilaterally at any time in accordance with its operating conditions. If there is any change in the terms of service, Adexpress will post a notice on the website informing the user. Once the revised agreement has been published, it will take effect immediately. Disclaimer The user agrees to use the platform services that is deemed to accept the terms of service, due to the requirements of the operation under the terms of the risk will be entirely borne by the user, the user stored in the platform of the file, the platform does not assume any risk liability. Service change, interrupt or termination

1. The user has the right to apply for cancellation of his account at the Adexpress platform or one or more of his services on the Adexpress platform at any time, but the payment has not been refunded if the platform is free of errors.

2. The platform has the right to decide to cancel one or more of the services provided to the user according to the actual situation, but should refund the remaining portion of the payment paid by the user for the service.

3. If the network service is to be suspended due to the need for system maintenance or upgrade, the platform will notify you as soon as possible on important pages. In the event of any of the following circumstances, the platform has the right to discontinue or terminate the service at any time without notice to the user:

• User profile is untrue

• The user violates the terms of this platform agreement In addition to the circumstances described in the preceding paragraph, the platform reserves the right to interrupt or terminate some or all of the services without prior notice to the user, and for any loss or termination of all services, the platform does not require any The third party assumes any responsibility. Legal jurisdiction The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by Chinese law. If there is any dispute between the parties regarding the contents of this Agreement or its execution, both parties shall settle the dispute as soon as possible. If the consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court where the company is located. force majeure The user understands and agrees that for reasons other than the reasonable control of Adexpress, including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes, disturbances, material shortages or rationing, riots, acts of war, government actions, communications or other facilities failures or serious casualties, Adexpress is not responsible for any delay or failure to perform. Other provisions This Agreement constitutes an important part of the partnership. The remaining terms of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding if the terms of this Agreement are to be valid and binding for any reason whatsoever, whether for any reason whatsoever, Please read this agreement carefully before joining this platform. By joining the Adexpress platform, you will recognize the entire contents of the agreement by default.

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